Q: What books should every workshop facilitator read? There are a wealth of resources out there, but I will share 3 of my favorites. 😀

“Whether the facilitator is teaching, or leading or mediating, or simply managing a process, the purpose of the role is to strengthen the effectiveness of the group of people who are there to get the work done.”

“When you are designing an exercise or workshop, you want to think like a composer, orchestrating the activities to achieve the right harmony between creativity, reflection, thinking, energy and decision making.”

“Most leaders approach strategic conversations with a degree of anxiety because it’s a skill they were never taught.”
“Think about it. We go to great lengths and expense to bring together our best talent, with different skills and backgrounds, to tackle our biggest challenges. Yet we have precious little guidance on how to do this well — either as participants or as leaders.”



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Roman Grant

Roman Grant


Product Manager | Facilitator | Former Nurse | Army Vet | Always Forward!