Make the commitment to send better emails in 2021. Here are three easy ways to level up your email skills.

What’s Your Why?
Ask yourself… Why am I sending this email and what do I want the person who receives it to do after they read it? What is the main goal of your email?

Make it Clear and Easy
Make it as easy as possible for your email recipient(s) to understand what’s going on and what they need to do. Break up dense text to reduce eye strain and use bullet points to add clarity.

Have Empathy…
It’s safe to assume that the person receiving your email has other stuff going on in their day outside of waiting for your message. And just because it’s important to you, doesn’t mean it will be to them. So a little empathy will go a long way.



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Roman Grant

Roman Grant

Product Manager | Facilitator | Former Nurse | Army Vet | Always Forward!