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  • Gráinne Dirwan

    Gráinne Dirwan

    Essayist, Paris based. Policy maker & advocate- Empathy has its purpose and its place. Use it to decide what kind of world that we want to create @purposoul

  • Laurie Thelwell

    Laurie Thelwell

  • Connor Ju

    Connor Ju

    I am, so I write (albeit in fits & starts). I have a background in molecular biology & recently got a masters. Based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Binit Acharya

    Binit Acharya

    Walking on the boulevard of life for 18 years and counting...

  • Teodora Maksimova

    Teodora Maksimova

    I write words and sometimes they make sense. Foodie, outdoor adventurer, tent lover, scented candles freak, thalassophile. Copywriter. Say hi @TeoMaksimova

  • Gautham Kuppampatti

    Gautham Kuppampatti

  • Gadgetgurl65


  • DJ Hart

    DJ Hart

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